MacAdmins 2020 Presentation

MacAdmins 2020 - Early Efficiencies: Prioritizing your time as a new Mac Admin through automation and other best practices.

MacAdmins 2020 Presentation

I had a wonderful opportunity to present a campfire session during the remote MacAdmins 2020 conference with Caroline Bodager. We reviewed a lot of recommendations, orientation, and best practices for new and upcoming admins to consider as they approach new environments and technologies.

Early Efficiencies - MacAdmins 2020 Campfire Session

The goal was to throw a lot of ideas & resources against the wall for newer admins to consider, and maybe take action on a few of them to make their lives a little easier, or help them grow. It was wild preparing for this, knowing the conference wasn't going to be in person - ah, the distant land of mid-2020.

It's amazing how some of these subjects have evolved and changed over the last two years - while other subjects are just as important now as they were back then. I'll never stop preaching the gospel of documentation.

We broke the talk down into the following categories:

  • Automating Yourself
    • Organizing tasks
    • Tracking your fiscal year
    • Notebooks
    • In-line documentation
    • Code snippets
  • Nomenclature
    • Devices
    • Fleets
  • Homogeneity of Settings
    • Simplifying settings
    • User accounts
    • MDM Configurations
    • Advanced tools
  • Printer Automation
    • Orientation and Bash
    • JAMF
    • Addigy
  • Homogeneity of Software
    • Distribution
    • PPPCs and Kexts

If you're a newer admin, consider giving this a watch - Caroline and I can cover a lot of ground because we both work with different MDM's (she was using JAMF while I was in Addigy) and support different industries (education and small/medium business).